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Herby Eggplant Dip

Hello, hello! Spring is here- how exciting! We have a delightful little recipe in the works for next week to officially celebrate the Equinox, but until then we wanted to start up the new season with something light and refreshing. This week we’re happy to share with you our herby eggplant dip! It’s super easy to make and incredibly delicious. We hope you’ll like it!

Herby Eggplant Dip


1 medium eggplant

1 clove garlic

1 handful parsley (⅓ cup chopped if you like measurements) 

3 TBSP olive oil 

½ a lemon (juice)

¼ cup vegan: mayo, yogurt (unsweetened), or sour cream 

Salt and pepper to taste


Turn your oven on to 425F. Slice your eggplant in half and place on an oiled baking sheet. Roast for about 40 minutes or until your eggplant is super tender and mushy when you poke it with a fork. Alternatively if you want less cleanup, you can wrap the eggplant in foil, poke a few small steam holes at the top, and then place it in the oven to steam for about 1-1.5 hours until it is tender and falling apart.

Once the eggplant is cooked and cooled down, scoop out the flesh in the middle and toss it into a food processor with the rest of the ingredients, then blend until everything is smooth.

Drizzle with a little extra olive oil and serve with your favorite chips, crackers, some toasty bread, or some sliced veggies. Enjoy!  

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