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Spinach Stuffed Tofu

Happy weekend everyone! While we’re busy testing out some yummy recipes for the holiday season coming up, we wanted to share with you a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Spinach stuffed tofu is super fun to make and easy to customize to your taste. Feel free to play around with the stuffing too – maybe this could work with curried/spiced kale, or some other savory green you enjoy. We served ours with some roasted potatoes and a side salad, and it was delicious! Anyways, we hope you enjoy ❤️

Spinach Stuffed Tofu 



-1 Block firm or extra firm tofu

-¼ cup Chopped spinach (fresh or frozen – up to you)

-1 Clove grated garlic

-½ Cup GF breadcrumbs 

-Salt and pepper to taste

-Optional: Vegan cheese 



Press your tofu over a clean towel or paper towels for 15- 30 minutes while you prep the filling.

In a pan, sautee your spinach with garlic and season to taste. You can melt in the cheese at the end if you are using it. 

Slice up your tofu into thick 1-1.5 inch pieces, then in each piece, gently insert a butter knife into the shortest side, making a small pocket. Just be careful not to accidentally go all the way through and cut the sides or back! 

Gently squeeze the sides of the tofu to coax open the picket, and fill it with your spinach mix. It takes a bit of patience, but it will be less likely to rip if you do it small amounts at a time. 

Roll your stuffed tofu into breadcrumbs (season the breadcrumbs how you wish). And pan fry until crispy (2-3 minutes each side). 

Alternatively, you can bake at 400 degrees fahrenheit for 10-12 minutes.

Plate up with some salad, grilled veg, or potatoes, and enjoy! 



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